Mar 082015

Website of ICM 2016 is online:

The next International Conference on Motivation 2016 (ICM 2016) and the accompanying ICM Summer School will be held in Thessaloniki  organized by Sofia-Eleftheria Gonida

International Conference on Motivation 2016

Dates: August 24 – 27 (Wed – Sat)
Place: City of Thessaloniki, Conference Center of the Aristotle University

5th Summer School on Motivation and Emotion

ICM Summer school dates: August 21 – 23 (Sun – Tues)
Place: A beautiful suburb of Thessaloniki, next to the beach

Aug 132012

We are happy to announce that the International Conference on Motivation 2012 PROGRAM BOOK is ready for download (PDF, 3,4 MB):

Last Minute Changes that deviate from the Print Program can be found here.

The Final Conference Agenda is available here (HTML):

We are excited to welcome you in Frankfurt!
Best wishes from the Local Organizing Team,

Thomas Martens, DIPF, Conference Chair
Regine Vollmeyer, Goethe University Frankfurt
Saskia Kistner, Goethe University of Frankfurt
Katrin Arens, DIPF

May 122011

Extended Deadline: January 27, 2012

Motivation in all Spheres of Life

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in the International Conference on Motivation 2012. The Conference is jointly organized by the DIPF, EARLI SIG 8 and Goethe University Frankfurt.

The first meetings on motivation in Europe were called the Workshop in Achievement and Task Motivation.  In an effort to acknowledge these roots we wish to explicitly address the wide range of human domains for which motivation are important. We hope that the 2012 ICM conference will bring together all researchers who are interested in better understanding human motivation e.g. from learning, school, sport, occupational, developmental, and social psychology.

Following the tradition established in Landau (2006) and continued in Turku (2008) and Porto (2010), the ICM 2012 will be preceded by a Summer School for young researchers interested in topics related to motivation and emotion.

Invited keynote speakers at the International Conference on Motivation 2012 are:

Judith Harackiewicz, University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA


Mimi Bong, Korea University, Korea

Peter Gollwitzer, University of Konstanz, Germany & New York University, USA

The Conference offers symposia and individual paper sessions as well as poster sessions. The official language of the Conference is English.

We look forward to welcome you in Frankfurt am Main, Germany!

Jenefer Husman
Arizona State University
Thomas Martens

The EARLI Special Interest Group 8 “Motivation and Emotion”

The mission of the Motivation and Emotion SIG is to promote research and theory on the person and situation influences on the direction, intensity, quality and persistence of human behavior related to learning and instruction. SIG activities include support of the International Conference on Motivation (ICM) that is held in years between the EARLI Biennial Conferences. The ICM includes a pre-conference Summer School at which graduate students have the opportunity to meet and work with prominent motivation researchers. The SIG also confers Student Research Excellence Awards at each EARLI conference to graduate students whose presentations are judged especially meritorious.

DIPF – Knowledge on Education

The German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) is an institute belonging to the Leibniz Association that delivers science and research services to science, practice, politics and administration in the field of education. The institute’s work is determined by two closely interlinked priority areas, i.e. educational information and educational research.
On the one hand, the DIPF thus conducts educational research and it evaluates the education system and at the same time, it provides general information in education. By working in both of these areas and delivering its knowledge in education, the DIPF contributes to improving educational quality and the conditions of successful education.

The Earli

EARLI exists to support and promote an active research culture in the field of learning and instruction. EARLI enables about 2000 members from 40 different countries to engage in critical dialogue. They systematically exchange and discuss ideas on instructional and educational research, as well as on research on industrial training. For these scholars, from all parts of Europe and many parts of the world, EARLI provides a platform to contribute to current debates. Through its networks, activities and the publication of journals and book series, EARLI promotes both international and interdisciplinary cooperation. Find more information on