Last Minute Changes


Here comes a list of Last Minute Changes that deviate from the Printed Program:


  • SYM-09: Paper Preservice teachers’ developing beliefs about classroom motivation. Submitted by Caroline Mansfield will be presented by Susan Beltman. Session Chair is now Marold Wosnitza
  • PAP-21: Session Chair is now Clarence Ng


  • SYM-17: Fulfilling Basic Psychological Needs through Autonomy Supportive Coaching in Work and Exercise: Anything in Common or just Differences? Chair: Jens Kleinert, Discussant: Johnmarshal Reeve, Organizer: Andreas Heissel
  • Paper in SYM-13: Young children and self-regulated learning in a naturalistic school-setting: a microanalytic approach. Submitted by: Dr. Uta Wagener (University of Osnabrueck, DE), ID: 1320
  • Paper in PAP-17: The influence of scaffolded computerized science problem-solving on motivation. Submitted by Zvia Fund
  • Paper in PAP 19: The School’s Role in Adolescents’ Deliberations Regarding a Career in Science. Submitted by Päivi Hannele Taskinen, Kerstin Schütte, Manfred Prenzel.
  • Paper in PAP 21: Validation of a motivation-based typology of Angry Aggression. Submitted  by Gunnar Gunnar Bjørnebekk, Rik Howard


  • Paper in SYM-18: Potential Triggers for Interest and Learner Characteristics. Submitted by K. Ann Renninger, Jessica Bachrach Swarthmore College, United States of America;
  • SYM-09: The Functional Relevance of Individual Differences in Needs for Well-Being Related Outcomes
    Organizer: Barbara Flunger, University of Tuebingen
  • SYM-10: Autonomy Support and Structure
    Organizer: Luke K. Fryer, Kyushu Sangyo University